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About Funeral Marketing

Funeral Marketing was officially formed in 2020 by marketing entrepreneur Paul Clegg, who had been working closely with the funeral market since 2016.


Paul’s extensive knowledge of sales and marketing both on and off-line, with a specialism in Video Marketing, is supported by lead generation and marketing strategist, Ewen Logan and SEO and customer experience specialist - Kelly Logan.

Funeral Marketing Experienced Digital Team
Digital minds - Funeral Marketings team of specialist digital marketeers
Introducing Paul Clegg, Sales and Marketing Specialist

From Manchester, my early corporate career was in the hair and beauty market rising via sales and marketing positions to senior management and board level.


In 1990, I created my own marketing business and built my reputation helping small to medium size business's and entrepreneurs get to grips with their marketing.


What's behind my success? To quote Thomas Power's thoughts on me: "No airy-fairy, pie in the sky, hype from someone who's never had a business of their own. To generate more business you need to work with someone grounded with experience and who walks the talk!"

“Smart, aware, generous, thoughtful, progressive. A powerful listener. Articulate and careful. Highly recommended on the first impression.” 

Introducing Ewen Logan, Digital Lead Generation and Marketing strategist

My marketing career has taken me from senior roles in some of London’s largest Direct Marketing and Advertising agencies to providing digital marketing consultancy to Global Tech companies.


My extensive knowledge of both on and offline channels and the interaction between them has enabled me to deliver many successful marketing strategies and campaigns. 


I particularly enjoy, and have therefore specialised in, Demand Generation – i.e. getting people to your ‘door’ virtually or physically. 

Introducing Kelly Logan, SEO and Customer Experience (CX) Specialist

Perhaps what I love most about marketing is its creative approach to problem solving. The marketing landscape has changed dramatically since I achieved my Marketing degree from Lancaster University back in 1999. Digital technology has given us not only a greater depth of understanding of our customers’ needs, but it has also provided a means to more readily respond to these needs. 

Digital disruption is happening in every industry and it is an exciting time to be a marketeer. It has empowered the consumer to drive their relationship with companies, which, to remain competitive, must be customer-centric, transparent and seek to utilise the digital solutions that their customers are demanding. 


Funeral Business Digital Pathfinder

By taking a completely new approach to funeral marketing, challenging the status quo and incorporating digital, we took a new business from zero to over £400,000 with a gross profit margin of between 35 and 40% in just four years. 


How can we help you?

We know business is all about partnerships and having the right team behind you. To find out if we make a good fit, we like to jump on a call via Zoom, so we can get to know one another.

Once we feel we understand your current business ambitions and challenges we will know if and how we can help. More importantly, you will be much clearer in knowing if we're the right team for you, but also what needs to be done next and in what order.