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Harness the power of digital

If Uber doesn’t need to own taxis and AirBNB doesn’t need to own accommodation, the new digital landscape is showing us that you can do things differently. 

As digital disruption hits the funeral industry, the key challenge now facing every funeral director is:

  • how to get in front of your audience,

  • how to relate to that audience and, 

  • how to engage with that market to grow your business. 


We can show you how to turn digital to your advantage to attract a steady stream of business. 

Mobile phone - having a digital marketing strategy for your funeral business is essential to reach today's clients

Digital is more accessible for you when you have an industry specific marketing team behind you. 


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You want to work with the right marketing agency. We want to work with right clients. For that there has to be a 'fit' in terms of personality, know-how and ambition.

That's why we like to jump on a Zoom call with you. We're not pushy and we don't bite! But we do find this a really great way to see if we will work well as a partnership. On the Zoom call we start by getting to know you, discussing your current business challenges and future goals. Next, we tell you what you need to know about us - how we work and how you can get the best out of the relationship.

After the call we will suggest a tailored marketing approach for you, using the most appropriate mix of our services for your individual business. If we work together from there, it will be a considered choice on both parts. Win-Win. Ready to talk?

The new digital customer

As customers turn to the internet to research funeral services, usually prompted by an immediate need, their first action is to type their search query into a search engine like Google or Bing. 

In fact, there are over 27,100 searches for ‘Funeral Directors’ each month in the UK and 6,600 for ‘funeral services’, and there are many more permutations of these searches increasing the volumes further. Even for a local search in your town there can be over 500 searches each month. 

With 90% of people using the results found on page one, you can see the importance of making sure your company is visible to potential customers. 

Example of keyword searches for funeral related terms in Google's Keyword Planner Tool which helps define your SEO strategy

There are two ways to approach this:

  1. by ranking in its free listings (called organic search) through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or;

  2. through paid advertising on Google or Bing referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC).

Search Engine Optimisation - what it is and how we can help


What is SEO?

​Google (and Bing) seeks to provide its users with a list of the most relevant and trustworthy sites for their search. Crawling literally billions of pages each day, it looks at various indicators on each page of each site so it can decide on the best order in which to return results. 

SEO is the process of making sure your site has given all the correct signals to Google about your business, with the ultimate goal that when someone types in a search query related to your services, your company appears on page one. 

Google in particular, continually amends and refines its search criteria algorithms in its pursuit to provide only the highest quality research results for its users. As such, SEO is a continual process. 

Target - our funeral marketing strategies take a targeted approach to SEO

At Funeral Marketing, we help our clients to apply best practice SEO to their websites to assist them with their rankings.


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GMB - Google My Business: what it is and how to use it


Getting on the Map with Google My Business (GMB)

A key part to your search engine optimisation, particularly for funeral directors, is to appear where searches are related to a town or local search (e.g. funeral directors near me or funeral directors Wells). 

This is known as ‘local search’ and you have probably noticed that when you do local searches yourself Google returns a map ahead of the listings. 

Like this example

View the local google map listing example for Funeral Directors
An example of the Google "Map pack" for funeral directors in a local search.png

One of the fundamental tools for appearing in local search is Google’s own service - Google My Business (previously called Google Places).


This free tool allows Google to provide key information about your business in a snapshot to potential customers. Furthermore, should the customer want to look at your profile in detail, your GMB listing provides a simple overview of your company, including details of your funeral services packages, as well as images and, most importantly, reviews. 

Target - our funeral marketing strategies target your customers with GMB

At Funeral Marketing, we help our clients to set up and optimise their GMB profiles for best results, including offering training to help funeral directors learn ask for reviews on this very sensitive area. 


Want to know how we can help you with your GMB profile? 

PPC - Pay Per Click - what it is and how to use it


Should I use Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay per click advertising can be extremely productive when done correctly. We mentioned previously the volumes of funeral related searches coming through Google and whilst it can take 6 months or more to appear in the top organic listings, pay per click advertising can get you in front of your audience immediately. 

Pay per click advertising isn’t just restricted to Google, but available across social platforms and Google’s Display Network. However, for the funeral market, we have found Google Search to be the most appropriate due to the topic and the search intent of your potential customers. 

The key to a good pay per click campaign is relevancy. Relevancy of your message to the search term, as well as the relevancy of the landing page to both the advert and the original search term. For example, there is little point bidding to appear on the search term ‘funeral director Glastonbury’ if you only serve Northampton.  

Pay per click can support your SEO campaign providing further insights in to keywords and driving traffic to your site that may return through searching for your business directly. The benefit to PPC is that, as the name suggests, you only pay when your advert is clicked.

Target - our marketing strategies take a targetted approach to PPC

At Funeral Marketing, our carefully planned and targeted pay per click campaigns have helped our new funeral directors to drive business in their first month of trading as well as delivering a fantastic ROI for our more established clients.

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Video - Video Marketing - what it is and how to use it in your funeral market strategy


How to use Video Marketing

There’s no doubt that reaching your audience through video marketing has grown exponentially as digital technology, particularly mobile technology, has advanced. In fact, YouTube reports that from its 2+ billion users, over a billion hours of video is watched every day. This consumption makes it the second largest search engine after Google (who also owns YouTube) and the second largest social media channel after Facebook. 

There are other video platforms too, for example - Vimeo, Tik Tok, Wistia – all attracting users seeking to learn new skills through ‘how-to’ videos, follow online exercise classes, or simply be entertained. 

The growth of video consumption and the level of engagement received certainly seems to herald video as the content leader in the new digital world. But you may be thinking, is there a place for video marketing in the funeral industry? 

We have seen growing interest in videos from our Funeral Directors customers. Helping them to raise awareness of their brand as well as driving business. 

From providers of funeral services and funeral related products such as coffin makers and florists, to live streaming (and recordings) of loved ones’ funerals, video marketing is a large part of the funeral marketing digital disruption. 

Target - how to use video to raise awareness and drive business in the funeral industry

At Funeral Marketing, we combine our knowledge of the funeral market and the sensitivities around this with our expertise in producing effective video marketing. We understand how to relate to and engage with your audience. 

Find out how we can help you use video to raise awareness and drive business... 

SMM - Social Media Marketing and its place in your funeral marketing strategy


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

According to research from Statista, in 2020 over 3.6 billion people worldwide used social media, spending nearly two and a half hours on it per day!

As Social Media becomes a staple in our online diet, with consumers hungrily devouring news, memes, tales and opinions, you may be wondering whether there is a place for it in the funeral industry? 

The answer is Yes. It’s very common for people to post about the loss of a loved one, sharing pictures of the service, gratefully tagging and visually displaying the services of the companies who helped them deliver the best send off for their loved one. Often, these posts are also shared annually in memory. 


But it's not just conversations around loss. In fact, over the past years, companies and consumers on social have started “positive” conversations around death from dealing with grief and the grieving process to pre-planning for your own funeral.

An example of funeral related content on social media - 15 comforting quotes that have helped people with grief
An example of funeral plan content on social media

Still not sure it’s for you? Then consider, that not only are your potential customers on social, but your competitors ARE on social and your network is too. From horse drawn carriages and florists, to celebrants and funeral directors, if you’re not on social, you’re not in the conversation. 

Target - how and when to use social in your funeral marketing strategy

At Funeral Marketing, we help our funeral directors join the conversation on social. 


Whether that is answering questions, sharing news, or growing their online network of related ancillary services. 

Not sure how to use social? Talk to us...

Offline - the importance of traditional activies in your funeral marketing strategy


Offline Marketing

Whilst many of your customers may be researching online, it pays to remember the more traditional methods of advertising. 

Not all customers will go online and since personal recommendation still drives business even in the digital world, for the local target market, having a presence in the community ensures your business will be well known. 

Target - how a creative approach to traditional offline activity can still be important part of your marketing strategy

At Funeral Marketing, we tried a very creative approach to the offline activity with one of our funeral directors. An approach so successful that we include in our unique ‘business-from-a-box’ offering. 


Find out how you can take advantage of our successful funeral director business model.

Brand Service - Creating your logo and branding

Creating your logo and branding

Your brand visually communicates who you are and what you stand for. From your logo to your branding on and offline, people are making a decision to use your services by what they see and what they read. 

Visual clues from your website or printed literature will help people to form an opinion as to whether you will be suitable for them. Whether you will be understanding of their situation and will treat them fairly and with dignity at a time when they feel vulnerable having lost a loved one. But also, whether you will be organised and ensure that, not only the funeral will be done to your wishes, but that their loved one will be taken into your care promptly and professionally.

Target - instantly communicating your company values is an important part of your marketing strategy

From logo design to branding look and feel in both website and printed literature, we provide our funeral directors with a brand that instils a perception of trust, professionalism and empathy to their customers.

Web - your virtual representation of your business and its values


Website creation

Your website is the virtual representation of your business and its values. Prospective customers visiting your site are looking for indications that you are trustworthy, empathetic, professional, organised and that they will be treated fairly and with dignity. It is very important therefore that your site does you justice.


Just as you wouldn’t invite your client families into an untidy and cluttered office, or bamboozle them with options and upselling, equally your website should be easy to use, with simple navigation and information such as your packages or pricing clearly displayed.


Furthermore, with over half of internet searches coming from a mobile, it is important that your site is 'mobile-friendly'. This means that the page design is responsive, adapting to a mobile or tablet device, as well as loading quickly and not being data heavy. Being mobile friendly is important for both your user's experience and your SEO page ranking. 

Target - design your website around your customers' needs to help them select your funeral services

At Funeral Marketing our websites are designed around your customers’ needs. Our clean, organised page design and simple navigation provides details of your funeral services to customers in a clear, concise way.

What's more, our sites are mobile friendly, optimised for search engines and include analytical tools.


If your site is tired and needs a digital lift, or you need a new site creating, contact us to see how we can help you.